How it works - Snoring research has shown that a jaw supporter, keeping the lower jaw in an upward/forward position increases the three dimensional space in the airway, reduces air velocity and soft tissue vibration. This action eliminates or substantially reduces snoring.

"In the years before I began using the My Snoring Solution jaw supporter I would stop breathing dozens (perhaps hundreds) of times during the night which created a REM (deep) sleep deprivation. Understand; during REM is the only time when your heart and major muscle groups relax. REM is vital to healthy living. I was an OSA poster child, plagued with daytime fatigue, lack of motivation, poor performance at work, clinical depression and all of the other life destroying symptoms of sleep deprivation. Since I began using the My Snoring Solution jaw supporter I no longer have the life threatening symptoms of OSA. I sleep normally, all night long. No more waking up countless times, snorting, snoring and going to the bathroom. My depression is gone and I have a renewed energy and mental clarity that reminds me of when I was 14-years old!"*

Don Vicente

Are You Snoring Yourself To Death?

5 years ago I almost died from sleep apnea (OSA.) My nights were filled with snoring, multiple bathroom trips and kicking and punching. One morning I was so exhausted I could hardly get out of bed. It was then that I decided I must go and get help or die.

I drove to the medical supply store. I was told that I had to undergo a sleep study to obtain a prescription for a CPAP machine. I called the doctor’s office and was given the shocking news: It would take 3 months to get into a clinic for a sleep study. I told the nurse, “I’ll be dead in 3 months.”

Driving home I kept saying to myself, “If I could just keep my jaw up while I’m sleeping, then my tongue couldn’t fall back far enough to close off my air and I couldn’t have the OSA episodes.” It seemed to me that OSA was a mechanical failure of the jaw.

When I got home, I took a towel and ripped a 2” strip down one side. I placed the strip under my chin and wrapped each end over the top of my head and tied a knot. I could still talk but my mouth couldn’t fall excessively open as I slept. I lay down and went to sleep. When I woke up I stared into my wrist watch and realized I’d been asleep for 12 hours. As I sat up on the edge of my bed, I could feel my strength and vitality coming back.

Before, my snoring echoed all the way into the kitchen. Now, my daughter has to turn the light on to see if I’m sleeping. It’s not a cure-all for snoring or OSA but it has a high success rate. You’ll love it and so will everybody else who has to live with you!

Stephen Matthews

"The My Snoring Solution jaw supporter is the greatest thing to happen for the prevention of snoring and OSA since CPAP. No matter your age or body weight, you have a good chance that this product will work for you. It has tremendous promise."*

Valerie Arseneau Clinical Trial Sleep Lab Technician

“I ordered your jaw supporter and my wife loves it. It keeps me from snoring, and I've recommended it to several of my friends.”*

Bill B.

“We've been married for 21 years. Several times during the night my wife would punch me. That was the code for, "Roll over on your side so you quit snoring." I have used your "My Snoring Solution" now for 2 nights. My wife reports an amazing difference in that I am no longer snoring, on my back or my side, but what has amazed me the most is how much better I feel after a night's sleep! Thanks for a great night's sleep!"*

San Diego, CA
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